veganAF photography | koresh 2017 spring recital

Rappers Delight (Thursday pre hip hop)Sun Rays & Fun Days (Saturday creative dance)Dance of the Little Swans (Thursday pre ballet 1)Just Dance (Friday pre hip hop)A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes (Sunday pre ballet 1)Fireflies (Tuesday creative dance)Swan Lake (Monday pre ballet 2)Haydn Tumpet Concerto in E Flat (Ballet 4)Grande Valse from Raymmona (ballet 3)Andante + Galop (Pointe and variations)Seize the Day (Jazz 2)5 in 9 (Koresh Youth Ensemble)Behind Closed Doors (Koresh Youth Ensemble)Clydesales (Koresh Youth Ensemble)Humans (Modern 2)Now Everybody, Let's Dance (Jazz 3+)I'm Better (Hip Hop 1)Won't Look Back (Jazz 1)Encounter (Modern 3)Strauss Cacucha Galop (Ballet 1)Lonely Teardrops (Koresh Youth Ensemble)Somebody that I Used to Know (Jazz 3+)Sunflowers (Ballet 2)Forgive Me (Modern 1)Open/Shut (Koresh Youth Ensemble)Dance Off (Hip hop 2)